Methodology & Learning

We follow learner-centered teaching methodology in which students are active participators in the process of learning, facilitated by their teachers. Each student is encouraged to develop novel thinking to promote logical learning which helps them to acquire skills and develop abilities to comprehend and apply that in relevant situations.

We consider each child unique, so the methods of teaching are capable of catering to the needs and aspirations of the child. Each child is provided with opportunities to interact with others for all-around development. The prime concern of the institution is to produce the best in the child intellectually, physically, and culturally to develop a balanced personality.

Demonstrative and collaborative methods are followed to encourage student participation in learning and well-equipped classrooms make learning lively. It enhances student's understanding, broadens their perspectives, reinforces knowledge, and builds confidence. Our learning methods focus on channeling the natural inquisitiveness of children without imposing unnecessary restrictions on their thinking. Learning has acquired a new dimension with interactive classrooms.

To be able to compete in the present scenario, we inculcate competition and genuine hard work at the grassroots level. Students are encouraged to chase excellence in all spheres of life. No child is like another, all are different in their talents and abilities. Thus, we focus on discovering their innate potential, so that students can figure out what they are exactly capable of, to create meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling lives for themselves.

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