Physical Education & Games

SFA, known for its quality education and co-curricular activities, provides the students with a variety of opportunities to showcase their talents in the field of sports and games. Every year multiple rounds of various competitions are held to support the sports according to various age groups as sub-junior, junior as well as seniors.

Sports such as cricket and badminton for both boys and girls of all class categories are held annually, Games like kho-kho and table tennis are arranged for girls and football for boys form a major part of our co-curricular activities.

Indoor sports like carom and chess are encouraged.

Not only this, SFA carries the talents of sporty students to various inter-school levels in all the events.

An annual sports day is organized with several enthusiastic events like 100m, 200m race, relays, long jump, and shot put for sub juniors, juniors, and seniors.

For the small kids of LKG and UKG, a separate sports day is organized.

Keeping the values of sportsmanship and honoring all the athletes, physical education of all the students is given a priority as any other subject.